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Printable Issue 4305  Today is Friday, September 25th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4305
About a month ago, I read a book written by Paula White-Cain. It was her autobiography.

While she has a large ministry, her life is more than stellar. She had a difficult childhood, a marriage too young - which resulted in a divorce and her single parenthood. She met her second husband who was the son of a preacher and the couple started a church and ministry. It grew very rapidly, which caused her and him to travel and spread God's good news.

As time progressed, she knew he was cheating on her but. She continued with the ministry, hoping things would work out. It didn't! Now she is married for a third time.

Several mornings ago I was watching a Christian program where Rick Warren of "Purpose Driven Life" fame, was telling of his son's suicide at 27 years old. The family knew of the son's mental illness all of his life. Medical treatment, consoling, praying for him were all part of the son's past. He would have good times and then bad.

Warren told how hard their loss was, especially being in the public's eyes. "We got more then 35,000 sympathy cards and letters," he said. "Some from well-known names and leaders of churches and governments, but the most touching notes were from those who said, 'your son led me to Jesus'. 'Your son impacted my Christian life'.

He went on to say, "Even broken branches can bear fruit!"

Paula White or Rick Warren's son:  used by God in  spite of and because of their life and lives.

Makes me think. God can use us. He can use me. In spite of and because of:  'God uses broken branches like us to bear His fruit.'
Printable Issue 4304  Today is Thursday, September 24th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4304
"'What can we ever say to such wonderful things as these? If God is on our side, who can ever be against us? Since He did not spare even His own Son for us but gave Him up for us all, won't He also surely give us everything else?

"Who dares accuse us whom God has chosen for His own? Will God? No! He is the one who has forgiven us and given us right standing with Himself.

"Who then will condemn us? Will Christ? No! For He is the one who died for us and came back to life again for us and is sitting at the place of highest honor next to God, pleading for us there in heaven."

~ Romans 8:31 - 34 LAB

Bible Commentary:  "Do you ever think that because you aren't good enough for God, He will not save you? Do you ever feel as if salvation is for everyone else but you? Then these verses are especially for you. If God gave His Son for you, He isn't going to hold back the gift of salvation! If Christ gave His life for you, He isn't going to turn around and condemn you! The book of Romans is more than a theological explanation of God's redeeming grace---it is a letter of comfort and confidence addressed to you."

Printable Issue 4303  Today is Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020; Karen's Korner #4303
Taken from Max Lucado's "Pocket Prayers:  40 Simple Prayers That Bring Peace and Rest.

Lucado has a simple formula for 'non-prayers:

Father, you are good. 
I need help. Heal me and forgive me.
They need help.
Thank you.
In Jesus' Name, amen.

So here is #14:

"Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;
and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

` Philippians 4: 6 & 7

"Dear Father, you are the Prince of Peace and the great I Am. You are my helper and my redeemer.

"I need your help today. I am weak and frail and tired. Give me the strength to work as if I am doing it all for your glory.

"Help those who are carrying especially heavy burdens right now. They need your power and peace that goes beyond our understanding.

"I am so grateful that I can come to you and present my requests at any time. Thank you for giving me peace and rest even in he hard times.

"In the name of the Prince of Peace, I pray. Amen."

Printable Issue 4302  Today is Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020; Karen's Korner #4302

Installment #2 of Peg Bunn's collection of sayings which she shared at a gal's ecumenical Bible study a couple of week's ago:

God’s wisdom goes beyond common sense – it is divine.

When life knocks you to your knees
that’s a perfect position to pray!

God doesn’t make junk!

Love the sinner.
 Hate the sin!

Don’t begrudge someone just because they sin differently than you.

Do you go to the phone
or do you go to the throne?

If God is all you have,
you have all you need!

Sometime we think we need things to make us happy.
Just look at the smiles of children in
3rd World countries.


Printable Issue 4301  Today is Monday, September 21st, 2020; Karen's Korner #4301

In the Midst of Life's Messes

By Max Lucado
(taken from today's inspirational email)

" When life grows dark and stormy, does God notice? The answer, in the life-giving miracles of the gospel of John, is a resounding 'yes'. Do you believe in a Jesus who has not only power, but a passionate love for the weak and wounded of the world? Do you think he cares enough to find you in the lonely waiting rooms, the rehab centers, and the convalescent homes of life?

"You and I long for someone who will meet us in the midst of life's messes. If this is your desire, take a good look at the words of John and the miracles of  Christ and see if they don't achieve their desired goal:  'That you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name' (John 20:31). Remember, friends, you are never alone."

Printable Issue 4300  Today is Friday, September 18th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4300

This is yesterday's (September 17) Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence". It could be said about me; maybe some of you?

"You will not find my peace by engaging in excessive planning ;attempting to control what will happen to yo in the future. This is a commonly practiced form of unbelief. When your mind spins with multiple plans. Peace may sometimes seem to be within your grasp; yet it always eludes you. Just when you think you have prepared for all possibilities, something unexpected pops up and throw things into confusion.

"I did not design the human mind to figure out the future. That is beyond your capability. I crafted your mind for continued communication with Me, Bring Me all your needs, your hopes and fears. Commit everything into My care. Turn from the path of planning to the path off Peace."

~ I Peter 5:6 - 7; Proverbs 16:9; Psalm 37:5 (NKJV)

Printable Issue 4299  Today is Thursday, September 17th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4299

"It is good to say, 'Thank you' to the Lord, to sing praises to the God who is above all gods.
Every morning tell him, 'Thank you for your kindness,' and every evening rejoice in all his faithfulness. Sing his praises, accompanied by music from the harp and lute and lyre. You have done so much for me, O Lord. No wonder I am glad! I sing for joy.
O Lord, what miracles you do! And how deep are your thoughts!"

~ Psalm 92:1 - 5 LAB

Bible Commentary:  "During the Thanksgiving holiday, we focus on our blessings and express our gratitude to God for them. But thanks should be on our lips daily. We can never say thank you enough to parents, friends, leaders, and especially to God. When thanksgiving becomes an integral part of your life, you will find that your attitude toward life will change. You will become more positive, gracious, loving, and humble."

Printable Issue 4298  Today is Wednesday, September 16th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4298



Mark Hinton gave our communion meditation on Sunday. Here is what he said:

"How many of you know that there has been over 100 days straight of riots in Portland, Oregon? What about the fires in California? And along the west coast? We have a hurricane heading towards New Orleans.

"We live in days that can cause us to FEAR:  fear of the unknown; fear of the known; fear of the future; fear of the present; fear to go outside; fear to stay inside; fear for our health; fear for our kids; fear for our grand kids; fear to live; fear to die.

"...and the list goes on and on and on........

"The consequences of fear can drain you of:  HOPE; encouragement; rational thought, energy; good health; critical thinking; inaction.

"Fear can cause:  isolation; poor decisions; poor health; depression; anger; poor relationships.

"Why did Adam and Eve hide from God in the garden? They were afraid. Why did 10 of the 12 spies bring back a bad report after spying out the land of Canaan? They were afraid. Why did all the disciples flee the night Jesus was taken away to be tried? They were afraid!

"There are some healthy fears:  touching live electrical wires while standing in water. Playing too many practical jokes on your spouse. Things like that.

"If all we're living in is FEAR, we are in bondage. And the enemy will do anything to keep us there.

"But that is NOT how God wants His children to live. Jesus said, "I have come to give you life and to give it to you more abundantly!" Paul said, "We are MORE than conquerors through Him who loved us."

"We have to find our foundation and our weapons in God's Word: 2 Timothy 1:7 says, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a right mind."

"Now that is either TRUE or it's not true. If it's in the Book, I choose to believe it's true!

"I John 4:18 says, "There is no fear in Love. But Perfect Love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in Love."

"So when fear rears it's ugly head, rebuke it in Jesus' Name - 'Lord, this is not of You - You have given me the spirit of power and of love and of a right mind.'

"We can live right. Love right. Think right."


Printable Issue 4297  Today is Tuesday, September 15th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4297

God Made Visible

"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven give to men by which we must be saved." 

~ Acts 4:12 NIV

"Who do you know who says we can each have our own religion as long as we are sincere? Does that person put a guilt trip on you for what he or she describes as a dogmatic, narrow-minded, intolerant, and exclusive faith? But the Gospel wasn't our idea, was it? Jesus Himself declared, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me' (John 14:6 NIV). We must come to God through Him or we don't come at all. The Bible says emphatically that 'salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.' Just the name of Jesus.

"And Who is Jesus? He is God Himself made visible to all. Praise God! You and I are not condemned to live in the darkness because He has turned on the Light!

"Praise God for just giving us Jesus!"

~ Anne Graham Lotz


Printable Issue 4296  Today is Monday, September 14th, 2020; Karen's Korner #4296
Peg Bunn, a good friend, substituted as leader of our gals' ecumenical Bible study last Wednesday morning. She pulled out her folder of notes and jots on scraps of paper, with her 'collection' of sayings which she sees and likes.

Here are a few of them:   

"God doesn’t call the qualified,
He qualifies the called."

"Tears are prayers too. 
They travel to God when we can’t speak."

"Jesus Christ is Lord. 
Not a swear word?"


"God see possibilities and beauty
where we see question marks."

"If you want to feel rich
just count all the things you have
that money can’t buy!

Good Marriage – Kids – Health – Friends!"

"God’s wisdom goes beyond
common sense –
it is divine."


"In case no one told you today:

You’re - Beautiful
You’re - Loved
You’re - Needed
You’re - Alive for a reason.
You’re - Stronger than you think.
You’re – Going to get through this.
I’m glad you’re alive.  Don’t give up!"