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Printable Issue 3485  Today is Friday, January 20th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3485

More Than Cheery Optimism

"This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast......"

~ Hebrews 6:19

"In his book about hope, Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie wrote, 'Hope is not wishful thinking......Hope is not simply cheery optimism. Hope certainly can produce an optimistic attitude, but an optimistic attitude is no substitute for true hope.....Hope is a gift of God through Christ that produces a confident, unshakable trust in HIs faithfulness, and a vibrant expectation of His timely interventions in keeping with His gracious promises to us.'

"Hope sustains us as we wait on the Lord. In fact, in the Bible, it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between words, wait and hope. Isaiah 40:31 in the New King James Version says, 'But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength...' But in the New International Version, he same verse say.......'but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.' Hope is simply waiting expectantly and eagerly for the day God will perfectly fulfill every promise and do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or imagine.

"Hope is a deep-seated confidence in God that anchors our souls, even in rough seas. Make sure your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock."

"Authentic hope is always a by-product of a personal relationship with God. It comes from knowing God."

~ Lloyd John Ogilvie


~ written by Dr. David Jeremiah

Printable Issue 3484  Today is Thursday, January 19th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3484

Some words of wisdom and insight taken from the book of Proverbs 13:

" Self-control means controlling the tongue!

A quick retort can ruin everything."

~ verse 3


"Lazy people want much but get little, while the diligent are prospering."

~ verse 4


"Some rich people are poor,

and some poor people have great wealth!

~ verse 7


"Being kidnapped and held for ransom never worries a poor man!

~ verse 8


"Wealth from gambling quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows!"

~ verse 11


"Despise God's Word and find yourself in trouble.

Obey it and succeed.

~ verse 13


"If you refuse criticism you will end in poverty and disgrace;

if you accept criticism you are on the road to fame."

~ verse 18


Printable Issue 3483  Today is Wednesday, January 18th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3483

Today's entry from the calendar/book written by Sarah Young "Jesus Calling:  Enjoying Peace in His Presence", written as if Jesus is talking with us, copies of which many of you have:

"I am leading you along the high road, but there are descents as well as ascents. In the distance you see snow-covered peaks glistening in brilliant sunlight. Your longing to reach those peaks is good, but you must not take shortcuts. Your assignment is to follow Me, allowing Me to direct your path. Let the heights beckon you onward, but stay close to Me.

"Learn to trust Me when things go 'wrong'. Disruptions to your routine highlight your dependence on Me. Trusting acceptance of trials brings blessing that 'far outweigh them all'. Walk hand in hand with Me through this day. I have lovingly planned every inch of the way. Trust does not falter when the path becomes rocky and steep. Breathe deep thoughts of My Presence, and hold tightly to My hand. Together we can make it!"

~ Taken from John 21:19; 2 Corinthians 4:17; Habakkuk 3:19


Printable Issue 3482  Today is Tuesday, January 17th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3482

Does it ever seem like to you that the 'world' is losing its mind? Watch the news and we see terrorist attacks, people randomly doing terrible things to one another.......or maybe to big groups of people. Our lists could be long.

Has there ever been times like this before?

Early one morning last week, I was running through the channels and landed for a couple of minutes on an interview program on a Christian station. Joseph Prince, someone who has programs at various times on cable television and who I have not watched very often, was telling about 'watching for God to do' something, as He always has.

Prince said that too often the devil keeps us watching what IS happening, while God is busy doing something behind the scenes that we haven't seen yet.

He sighted two cases as examples: The children of Israel were slaves in Egypt. Their numbers had grown so large that the Pharaoh decided that it was time to 'downsize', putting all boy babies to death (Exodus 1). But God! had another plan:  Moses' mother sent her son in a basket down the river.  He was rescued, raised and saved his people.

At the time of Jesus birth, King Herod was threatened by what might happen to his kingdom because of what he had read in Bible prophecy (Matthew 2). So he ordered all the boy babies to be killed. Jesus' parents heard from God and were told of the evil king's plan, so they protected Jesus. He was rescued, raised and saved His people.

While watching the news is helpful, it isn't all that is happening to us and around the world. Because of history and God's plans and purposes, we can count on the fact that 'God is up to something'. Like He always has been and always will be!

Our job is to believe in what we can't see. It's called FAITH!

Praise God!

Printable Issue 3481  Today is Monday, January 16th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3481

"Little children were brought for Jesus to lay His hands on them and pray. But the disciples scolded those who brought them 'Don't bother Him," they said.

"But Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and don't prevent them. For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.' And He put His hands on their heads and blessed them before He left."

~ Matthew 19:13 - 15 LAB


Bible Commentary:  "The disciples must have forgotten what Jesus had said about children. Jesus wanted little children to come, because He loves them and because they have the kinds of attitude needed to approach God. He didn't mean that heaven is only for children, but that people need childlike attitudes of trust in God. The receptiveness of little children was a great contrast to the stubbornness of the religious leaders who let their religious education and sophistication stand in the way of the simple faith needed to believe in Jesus."


Printable Issue 3480  Today is Friday, January 13th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3480

Another 'something' written by Dr. David Jeremiah:

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever."

~ Hebrews 13:8

"If you are struggling to keep up with changes around you, look to the Lord. Find stability in Him. Live with the Master's momentum. Let His wisdom guide you through the spinning days, and follow Him at every step. Though all the earth may change and decay, we are blessed to be able to abide in an eternal God who changes not and whose mercy endures forever.

Malachi 3:6 says, 'For I AM the Lord, I do not change." By the very definition of the word GOD, our heavenly Father exists from everlasting to everlasting. He is eternal, and His qualities of love, power, justice, and joy never change. Our hope for the future is based on His faithfulness in our past."


Printable Issue 3479  Today is Thursday, January 12th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3479

(First, a correction of yesterday's Karen's Korner and Humpty and Dumpty spelling. When I typed it, it didn't look right but I didn't have any children's books to look it up. Oh, well, maybe it WAS spelled right! Shortly after I took a short walk and I remembered.....not humty dumty......it needed two 'p's. I have edited it on the web site. If you'd like a corrected copy, go to www.karens-korner.com , scroll down to the second one on the front page (#3478). Print out a copy by clicking on the right hand corner, printer icon. Sorry!)

I have started receiving a "Scripture of the Day", didn't subscribe but I am getting it. Here is one from several days ago:

"And you became followers of us and of the Lord, having received the word in much affliction, with joy of the Holy Spirit."

~ I Thessalonians 1:6



"We find it so easy to let our circumstances determine our moods. Paul reminds this group of new Christians, under attack that their new life in Christ had brought them joy despite the outwardly harsh circumstance they were facing.

"Their joy was not fleeting, circumstance-determined veneer. Instead, they had welcomed the powerful message of salvation with joy! This joy was not dependent upon their circumstances. It was rooted in their Savior's example, in His abiding presence through the Holy Spirit, and the salvation available through Jesus."


"Heavenly Father, make my joy immune to outward circumstances and empower that joy by Your Holy Spirit. Bless me as I seek to conform my life and attitude to the example of my Savior. Please help me become a better example of spiritual joy to those around me. In Jesus' Name. Amen."



Printable Issue 3478  Today is Wednesday, January 11th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3478

Humpty Dumty sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumty had a great fall.

All the King's horses and all the King's men

Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again!

One of my Christmas presents this year was a puzzle. It's 550 pieces (I don't do bigger ones than that!). When I opened the box and started turning over the pieces so that they were all right-side up, they hardly fit on my card table! The box says my puzzle is 20" x 20".

I maybe have half of it put together. Now my table top has more room on it. I can only figure out as to what the 'picture' is supposed to be, by looking at the completed picture on the puzzle box.

Our lives are sort of like my puzzle. Lots of pieces which need to be put together one by one. And only God has the completed picture. He can put us together so that we can become all He wants us to be.

And unlike Humpty Dumpty, this "King" can put us back together again!

Thank You, Jesus, that You are the 'Great Puzzle Putter-Togetherer'. Thank You that You know what each of us are supposed to 'look like' and 'be'. Thank You that we can trust You with our every life need. You are the great I AM. Amen.

Printable Issue 3477  Today is Tuesday, January 10th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3477

Something written by Dr. David Jeremiah:

There is Always Hope

"For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope."

~ Romans 15:4


"The kindness of God is full of paradoxes:  we receive by giving, we live by dying, we receive honor by dishonor, and more. One of those paradoxes is that we gain hope by suffering, which seems odd. Normally, we seem most hopeful when things are going well, and we lose hope when we suffer. But, not surprisingly, the Bible says the opposite.

"Paul explains how suffering leads to hope in Romans 5:3-4. Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character produces hope. Later, in Romans 8:24-25, he clarifies what hope is. Hope is what carries us through when we can't see the outcome. It's what allows us to walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). Paul writes, 'For why does one still hope for what he sees?' (Romans 8:24) If we can see the outcome of our trials then we have no need to hope. But when we cannot see the outcome, our hopes carries us through---if we persevere and develop the character of Christ.

"Regardless of your situation today, there is hope because there is God. Cling to Him through the promises of His Word. Hope never disappoints (Romans 5:5).

"True faith is ever connected with hope."    ~ John Calvin


Printable Issue 3476  Today is Monday, January 9th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3476

"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body, and knit them together in my mother's womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! It Is amazing to think about. Your workmanship is marvelous---and how well I know it. You were there while I was being formed in utter seclusion! You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your Book!"

~ Psalm 139:13 - 16 LAB


Bible Commentary:  "God's character goes into the creation of every person. When we feel worthless or even being to hate ourselves, remember that God's Spirit is ready and willing to work within each of us to make our characters all God meant it to be. God thinks of us constantly. We should have as much respect for ourselves as our Maker has for us."