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Printable Issue 3668  Today is Wednesday, October 18th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3668

Rejoice in the Lord!

~ By Max Lucado

"If anyone had a reason to be anxious, it was the apostle Paul! Envision an old man as he gazes out the window of a Roman prison. Half-blind, squinting just to read. Awaiting trial before the Roman emperor. His future is an gloomy as his jail cell.

"Yet to read his words, you'd think he'd just arrived at a Jamaican beach hotel. His letter to the Philippians bears not a fear or complaint. Not one! Instead, he lifts his thanks to God and calls on his readers to the same. 'Rejoice in the Lord always. Again, I will say, rejoice!' (Philippians 4:4)

"Paul's challenge is a decision, deeply rooted in the confidence that God exists, that He is in control, and that He is good. Rejoice in the Lord - always! You can't run the world but you can entrust it to God!"

Printable Issue 3667  Today is Tuesday, October 17th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3667

It was three years ago today that Jim passed away.

One day last week, I spotted a large framed saying, complete with graphic, hanging in our local flower shop. Since we are an agrarian society, and especially in the Midwest, this is for Jim's memory but also for dads, brothers, grandfathers, etc. which prompts our memory of them:


"For this one farmer the worries are over, lie down and rest your head.

"Your time has been and struggles enough, put the tractor in the shed.

"Years were not that easy, many  downright hard, but your faith in God transcended.

"Put away your tools and sleep in peace. The fences have been mended.

"You raised a fine family, worked the land well and always followed the Son.

"Hang up your shovel inside the barn; your work here on earth is done.

"A faith few possess led your journey through life often a jagged and stony way.

"The sun is setting, the cattle are all bedded, and here now is the end of your day.

"Your love of God's soil have passed on to your kin; the stories flow like fine wine.

"Wash off your work boots in the puddle left by blessed rain one final time.

"You always believed that the good Lord would provide and He always had somehow.

"Take off your gloves and put them down, no more sweat and worry for you now.

"Your labor is done, you home now is heaven; no more must you wait.

"You legacy lives on, your love of the land, and we will close the gate."

~ Nancy Kraayenhof


Printable Issue 3666  Today is Monday, October 16th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3666

This verse in the Bible talks about Abraham and Sarah. God was promising they would have a son; seemed impossible. They were both old; very old!

"Is anything too hard for God?" (God speaking)

Next year just as I told you, I will certainly see to it that Sarah has a son."

~ Genesis 18:14 LAB


Bible Commentary:  "'Is anything too hard for God!' This question reveals much about God. Make it a habit to insert your specific needs into this question, 'Is this day in my life too hard for God?' 'Is this habit I am trying to break too hard for God?' 'Is this communication problem I am having too hard for God?' Asking the question in this way reminds you that God is personally involved in your life and offers His power to help you."


Printable Issue 3665  Today is Friday, October 13th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3665

Last Friday, Karen's Korner contained two of the four prayers to pray during October for America; written by National Day of Prayer President Ronnie W. Floyd.

The first two points were 'asking God to bring together His Church in America as a witness to the world; and trusting God to turn the leaders of our nation toward His Word and will.

Here are the final two:

Appeal to God to bring the next Great Spiritual Awakening to America in our generation.

"Besides this, since you know the time, it is already the hour for you to wake up from sleep, because now our salvation Is nearer than when we first believed."   ~ Romans 13:11

* 'Father, we ask that Your sovereign will be the next Great Spiritual Awakening to occur in our generation.

* 'Lord Jesus, because of Your grace, pour out Your power upon our nation, bringing forth a spiritual awakening that will result in millions coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

* 'Holy Spirit, move Your Church to pray extraordinarily until we see the next Great Spiritual Awakening in our generation'


Believe God now with us as we move and work toward the 2018 National Day of Prayer on May 3, 2018.

" Ask and it will be given to you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you."   ~ Matthew 7:7

* 'Lord, we know that You know the things we need before we ask, but we ask You to move churches, denominations, and ministries toward leading and participating in the 2018 National Day of Prayer.

* 'Oh, God, please call forth and mobilize thousands upon thousands of volunteers to help us lead thousands and thousands of prayer gatherings across America on May 3, 2018.

* Holy Spirit of God, we ask You to move people to support the daily and annual ministry of the National Day of Prayer through prayer, service, and giving.'


Printable Issue 3664  Today is Thursday, October 12th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3664

It was about a year ago now that five of us friends from here, flew to Las Vegas to meet a friend who now lives in Arizona. It was for an extended weekend of just touring the sights and sounds of the area, and hanging out and being together.

In light of the shooting there a couple of weeks ago, would I go again? You bet! It was safe then and it is probably safer today. The one dangerous person in the midst of hundreds of thousands, is now gone!

The Psalm writer in chapter 91 says, "This I declare that He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God, and I am trusting Him. For He rescues you from every trap, and protects you from the fatal plague. He will shield you with His wings! They will shelter you. His faithful promises are your armor. Now you don't need to be afraid of the dark any more, nor fear the dangers of the day, nor dread the plagues of darkness, nor disasters in the morning. (verses 4 - 6).


Printable Issue 3663  Today is Wednesday, October 11th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3663

Choose the Presence of God

"God repeatedly pledges his presence to his people! To Abram, God said, 'Do not be afraid......I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward' (Genesis 15:1). God told Joshua, 'Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go' (Joshua 1:9 NIV). In the ultimate declaration of communion, God called himself Immanuel, which means, God with us. He became flesh. He became sin. He defeated the grave. He is still with us. In the form of his Spirit, he comforts, teaches, and convicts.

"Don't assume God is watching from a distance. Isolation creates a downward cycle of fret. Choose instead to be the person who clutches the presence of God with both hands! We can calmly take our concerns to God because he is as near as our next breath! And because the Lord is near, we can be anxious for nothing!"

~ By Max Lucado


Printable Issue 3662  Today is Tuesday, October 10th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3662

"And this world is falling away,

and these evil forbidden things will go with it,

but whoever keeps doing the will of God will live forever."

~ 1 John 2:17 LAB


Bible Commentary:  "When our attachment to things is strong, it's hard to believe that the things we want will one day pass away. It may be even harder to believe that the person who does the will of God will live forever. But this was John's (writer) conviction based on the facts of Jesus' life, death and resurrection, and the promises He made. Knowing that this evil world and its sin will end gives us courage to continue doing God's will."


Printable Issue 3661  Today is Monday, October 9th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3661

Looking back on the last few 'korners', I see that they are focused on prayer. Maybe it is because we have a number of problems invading our world, country, and individual lives with not mnay possible solutions. Maybe it makes prayer look like a viable option; maybe the only one?

Yesterday's sermon at our church looked at Colossians 3:9 - 12 and using the words as a prayer for others. Here is the breakdown:


How many people in your life could be touched if you prayed this way?

* Be thankful for their faith and changed lives (v. 3).

* Ask God to help them know what he wants them to do (v. 9).

* Ask God to give them deep spiritual understanding (wisdom) (v. 9).

* Ask God to help them live for him (honor & peace) (v. 10).

* Ask God to give them more knowledge of himself (v. 10).

* Ask God to give them strength for endurance (patience) (v. 11).

* Ask God to fill them with joy, strength, and thankfulness (v. 11).

The next verse (12) says, "For He has rescued us out of the darkness and gloom of Satan's kingdom

and brought us into the Kingdom of his dear Son, who bought our freedom with his blood and forever us

all of our sins."


Printable Issue 3660  Today is Friday, October 6th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3660

The National Day of Prayer task force is asking America to pray for America during October; sending out four bullet points of prayer possibilities.

Here are the first two:

"Ask God to bring together His Church in America as a witness to the world."

"May they all be one, as you, Father, are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us, so that the world may believe you sent me." ~ John 17:21


"Lord, regardless of our own preferences or traditions, draw each of Your followers together as a witness of Jesus to the entire world.

"Father, use Your Church to serve as the unifying body of people in America.

"Holy Spirit, wake up Your Church to spiritual revival, experiencing the manifest presence of God as a people."


"Trust God to turn the leaders of our nation toward His Word and will."

"A king's heart is like a channeled water in the Lord's house. He directs it wherever he chooses."  ~ Proverbs 21:1


"Lord Jesus, we ask You to turn the heart  of our President, Vice-President, and both houses of Congress toward Your Word and Your ways.

"Father, we ask You to turn the hearts of all of our political leaders to come together for the good of our nation.

"Holy Spirit, we ask You to place God's armor upon each of our leaders, protecting them and their families in every way."


Printable Issue 3659  Today is Thursday, October 5th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3659

This is today's Max Lucado; hope that it gives you a smile:


"A father was teaching his three-year-old daughter the Lord's Prayer. She would repeat the lines after him. Finally she decided to go solo. She carefully enunciated each word, right up to the end of the prayer. 'Lead us not into temptation,' she prayer, 'but deliver us from e-mail.' Not a bad prayer!

"God call us to pray about everything! We tell God exactly what we want. We pray the particulars. When the wedding ran low of wine, Mary wasn't content to say, 'Help us, Jesus.' She was specific. She said, "They have no more wine' (John 2:3 NIV). A specific prayer is a serious prayer. If I say to you, 'Do you mind if I come by your house sometime?' you may not take me seriously. But if I say, 'Can I come over this Friday night? I really need your advice.' Then you know my petition is sincere. When we offer specific requests, God knows the same. So, offer yours!"